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Wild Harvest Virgin Coconut Oil 440ml


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Model #: R-WHVCO-440ml

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Product Description

Cultivated by community growers, our Wild Harvest Virgin Coconut Oil contains the miraculous healing properties of coconut, the tree of life. Coconut oil has been used for years both externally and internally with great results; it guarantees an enhanced feeling of well being and an enriched life.

Grown wild on small plantations in the sublime climes of Vanuatu, our oil is produced from freshly harvested coconuts. A short time after opening the nut, a cold press method is used to extract the oil, which does not require extra heat or chemicals. This ensures the production of pure, virgin coconut oil without compromising on freshness and vitality.

We’re proud advocates of sustainable practise and Fair Trade. The coconut husks are reused for power generation. Nui Wild Harvest Virgin Coconut Oil is traded under the guidelines provided by our Fair Trade for a Fair Go charger of engagement.
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