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Make a big changefrom your small change
Nui Generation is dedicated to living fair, living well and living beautiful. This means we are committed to the mutual success of the farmers who produce our organic products in the Pacific and you, the customers, creating a Fair Trade system that benefits both ends of the chain. 'Nui' translates to 'abundance' in many Polynesian languages and 'hope' in Fijian. Creating abundant Pacific communities to bring healthy, beautiful products to you is our goal.

What is Dollar A Day?

The Dollar A Day initiative is a partnership between you, our customer and the farmers in the Pacific. The idea is to make a small investment here to bring a big benefit there. By joining, you're in the picture, meaning that you're linked to the growers who produce your products. You have the opportunity to partner up with an individual grower in Vanuatu, and through your Nui purchases and his/her work, you can witness their economy growing organically. As a partnership, you of course benefit from Nui Coconut products. Through A Dollar A Day, we can help sustain a farming family, strengthen a community, and build an economy for a fairer world of trade one day at a time.

Where does your dollar go?

Your investment is broken down to benefit both you and your partner farmer. With the choice of a monthly subscription, or a one off purchase, over the course of a year, you will invest $365 to this sustainable cause.
$165 of your $365 investment goes directly back to your as an online credit to spend on Nui Coconut's natural, organic and wild harvest products. Keeping the supply chain constant secures demand and provides long-term stability for the farmers. This is where all Fair Trade starts, building a relationship between customer and grower through ethical, demand-lead development.
$200 is credited to the farmer who you choose to partner with. The first 216 farmers to be paired with Dollar A Day partners, grow organically certified coconuts in the Sanma Community on the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. This is where your dollar really makes a difference.
  Here's how it's broken down:
$35 is used to purchase a mobile phone, or phone credit for the grower, acting as their link to the program and to you, their partner. You can text or phone the farmer directly. This goes beyond a label and builds an ethical relationship with the farmer and their family.
$50 goes into an equity account we use to support the growers financially. When a grower responds to your demand for products they may need to expand, meaning financial assistance is required. This equity provides the security their banks need, coming right from their customers, making it a Fair Trade partnership.
$115 goes into an account which we suggest is used for cash support to find work or to pay school fees for the grower's children. Education is key to development and opportunity and we believe that these children deserve the right to an education.

How does it work?

A Dollar A Day is a 100% transparent partnership. Costing $365 for the year, you can choose to make one payment when you sign up or a monthly direct debit of $30.42 for a minimum of 12 months.

Join the Nui Generation by becoming a partner in the Dollar A Day initiative.

Live fair; live well; live beautiful; and make a big change from your small change.

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